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These days it is not uncommon for a company to have employees that work remotely. This is primarily because of the increased need for efficiency and productivity in a competitive marketplace. However, this can create some challenges as well. To help you with these challenges, we’ve created a list of four must-have tech resources for remote workers.

Google Voice

This service allows users to make and receive phone calls through their Gmail account. It also provides you with a dedicated number for receiving incoming calls. You can use the Google Voice app on your computer or tablet as well, so even if you are working remotely, all of your business communications will come under one roof. In addition, you can receive voicemails as texts. Some great apps can transcribe your voicemail messages for easier reading and convenience.


Skype is an excellent option for business communications but can also be used as a personal VoIP line. Naturally, this requires an internet connection, and it works with computers or mobile devices. Some cool features allow you to share your screen during calls, make conference video calls (up to 25 people), and even call landlines and cell phones from your computer. Another bonus is that you can reach people who don’t have Skype but only make a charge if they’re in another country. This way, it’s basically like Google Voice because all of your calls are coming through one app/service.


Slack is a top-rated messaging app that can help you with your business communications. It allows for file sharing and integrates well with most existing software. For example, if there is an update or another company has a new version of their product, it will automatically show up in the appropriate channel on the chat system. This way, all of your business-related messages are in one place, and you don’t have to worry about going through a bunch of different apps.


Dropbox is an excellent option for backing up and sharing files within a team. You can also use it to share progress on projects, avoid using email (where there could be issues with lost messages), and store essential documents safely online. Since you’re working remotely, this will allow everyone to access the information they need quickly and easily without having to wait for someone to bring it in.

In addition, Dropbox’s collaboration software is excellent and can be used with other apps like Google Docs or Microsoft Office. For example, suppose you are working on a document together. In that case, changes will automatically update, so everyone has the most recent version of the file at all times without having to email files back and forth constantly.