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Kelly Hansard

Technology & Professional Overview

About Kelly Hansard

Kelly Hansard is a young professional who has already formed an impressive resume for herself. Based in Austin, Texas, Kelly has jumped headfirst into a career in program management.

Kelly Hansard’s Career Path

In 2013, Kelly graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with her Bachelor of Science in Geosystems Engineering and Hydrogeology. Immediately after graduating, Kelly took a position as a Staff Engineer and Hydrogeologist with a company called Schlumberger, which exercised her knowledge of the industry and allowed her to put her four years of college education to good use. After a little over three years in this role, however, Kelly took a position as a Project Engineer and Hydrogeologist with a company called WSP USA.

It was after her time at WSP USA that Kelly Hansard decided to make her return to higher education. As someone who has always held a high emphasis on education, Kelly knew it was time to return to pursue her Master’s degree. In June of 2020, Kelly graduated again from The University of Texas at Austin with her Master of Business Administration. With her newfound love of business and past studies in technology, Kelly began her search for a role that would fit both of these needs. Shortly into her time of job searching, she accepted a position with BMC Software as a Senior Program Manager, a position that she has held ever since obtaining her latest degree.

In this current role, Kelly Hansard manages strategic initiatives at an enterprise software company. She is able to lend her expertise to the organization while also learning from her superiors. Kelly is proud to be involved with an organization that prioritizes the growth of its employees and provides feedback when needed. She has already learned and applied many newfound skills and pieces of knowledge that are sure to accompany her throughout all stages of her career.

Even though she learns a lot through her professional endeavors, Kelly also goes out of her way to find educational opportunities for herself. She is a fan of persistent learning, and she pursues knowledge through reading, watching documentaries, attending master classes, and even traveling. In fact, traveling has become Kelly’s preferred method of learning, as she has discovered much about the world around her and has come to grow intrigued with the unfamiliar ways of life. Kelly realizes there is so much more to the world than what is right in front of her, and she continues to be inspired by the innovative ways of living presented by other cultures.

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