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Despite being a leader in the tech industry, the gender equality gap persists between men and women in the workforce. Currently, only around one-third of the leadership positions in tech are held by women. It’s not yet clear how the situation will change in the future, but it’s clear that the crisis is still far from over. There are several steps that women can take to improve the representation of women in tech.

Hybrid Workplace Inequalities

As more companies start offering flexible work arrangements, women are beginning to realize the benefits of this type of work arrangement. However, it’s still not enough to make this work. To effectively implement this arrangement, the management, and the employees must be on the same page. 

Companies must be intentional about enriching the culture of their organizations. Changing the workplace to ensure that women and remote workers do not face negative consequences regarding pay, job security, and upward mobility should be prioritized.

Professional Development

The rapid technological change in the tech industry has made it difficult for women to break through the noise. This is why they must be able to adapt to the changes in the workplace.

Unfortunately, many women in tech cannot take advantage of the opportunities available to them due to the lack of professional development. A survey by Skillsoft revealed that 32 percent of women in the industry cited the lack of development as a critical challenge they face in their careers. In today’s digital world, women must be able to upskill and reskill themselves to get ahead in their careers.


In the tech industry, women are often experiencing feelings of inadequacy and insecurity due to the various stereotypes and biases prevalent in the workplace. They must be able to maintain their confidence in their abilities and unique perspective. According to a study, women tend to underestimate their capabilities and performance, preventing them from securing positions. To break this cycle, focus on developing a stronger learning capacity.


One of the most important factors that women in tech need to consider when it comes to their professional development is establishing a professional network. This type of network can help them gain access to various opportunities and social connections.

Despite the positive effects of diversity in the workplace, the tech world still has a long way to go before it fully embraces the concept of gender equality. As a result, companies need to renew their commitment to improving the representation of women in tech.