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Even amid news of the Delta variant spreading throughout the world, some workplaces are still planning on bringing their employees back to work in the near future. Remote work has had its challenges on many different levels, resulting in many businesses looking forward to returning to in-person work to achieve more productivity. While each organization may put different protocols into place, here’s what you can generally expect for returning to your workplace during the pandemic.

Daily Health Screenings

Although individuals are getting vaccinated, the virus can still be spread among these populations. Businesses want to return to being in-person, but they also recognize the importance of conducting daily health screenings in order to minimize the potential spread of the virus. Even if an employee has a symptom as small as a headache, it might be expected that they work remotely that day. These daily health screenings will play a pivotal role in ensuring that employees are in good health on the days they are in the office.

Improved Sanitation

Transmissions of the virus through surface areas are not as high as the chances of transmission through the air, but it is still important to be as sanitary as possible. As businesses return to being in-person, they will likely emphasize the importance of sanitizing highly touched surfaces like keyboards, door handles, desks and more. Even if nobody else is touching your keyboard, it is recommended that you sanitize your personal belongings from time to time, both before and after using them.

Modified Office Space

Workplaces realize that being in-person doesn’t necessarily mean that individuals have to be confined in small spaces together. As the administration returns first to the workplace, they will likely try to modify the office space in some way so that workers can still maintain a bit of distance from each other while also feeling like they are in a community with one another. Whether it means increasing distance between work areas, installing plexiglass, or rotating in-office hours, your workplace will likely have a procedure in place in order to protect your health.

At this point, many employees have mixed feelings about returning to their workplaces. Some are looking forward to it, while others have grown accustomed to remote work. However you feel, it is important to prepare yourself for when you are called back into the workplace.